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Citation Helper - MLA, APA, Chicago, & NoodleTools

This guide includes information about citing your sources, including MLA, APA and Chicago / Turabian citation styles.

Chicago (Turabian) Style - Electronic Sources

Notes-Bibliography Style

Electronic Source


Online book

(Turabian 17.1.10)


Ambler, Tim, and Morgen Witzel. Doing Business in China. London: Routledge, 2000. ebrary e-book.

Magazine article from a subscription service

(Turabian 17.3, 17.2.7)

(In the following examples, the URLs have been truncated—indicated by an ellipsis […]—but you should use the full URL.)

Kluger, Jeffrey. “Dr. Sigmund Doolittle.” Discover, February 1996. (accessed April 1, 2005).

Journal article from a subscription service

(Turabian 17.2.7)

Lappan, Glenda. “Revitalizing and Refocusing Our Efforts.” Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 30, no. 5 (1999): 568-78. (accessed February 8, 2005).


Thompson, Michael D., and Robert O. Riggs. “Institutional Expenditure Patterns and the Facilitation of Mission.” Community College Review 27, no. 4 (2000): 1- .  (accessed December 20, 2004).

Newspaper article from a subscription service

(Turabian 17.4)

(Newspaper articles are not generally included in a bibliography; they are cited only in notes.)

Encyclopedia  article or work in anthology from a subscription service

(Turabian 17.5.3, 17.5.9)

Encyclopedia articles are not generally included in a bibliography; they are cited only in notes.

For documents from online databases, detailed information is given in footnotes; the bibliography lists only the database and the URL for the main page of the database. For example, an article from the Dictionary of Literary Biography that was found in the Literature Resource Center database would appear in the bibliography as:

  Literature Resource Center.


(Turabian 17.7.1)

“Bio.” A&E Television Networks. (accessed September 8, 2008).

Article on website

(Turabian 17.7.1)

Musinsky, Gerald. “Animal Spirits.” Encyclopedia Mythica Online. (accessed January 17, 2007).