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English: To Kill a Mockingbird Research: 5: Dust Bowl

5: Task

The Dust Bowl: The Impact on Economic Prosperity for Blacks and Whites

Directions: Use this note sheet to record your research findings on the following questions:

  • What was the Dust Bowl? Where did it take place and when? Who was directly affected by it?

  • What impact did the Dust Bowl have on life in America? How is it connected to the Great Depression? Could it have been prevented? If so, how? Has anything been done since then to prevent it from happening again, or could it still happen?

  • How did Herbert Hoover deal with this natural disaster and the people involved? What were Hoovervilles, and why were they called that? Who were the Okies? Explain the problems that arose in the country in places like California as a result of the Dust Bowl, the Okies, and migrant farming.


After researching and taking detailed notes independently, you and your classmates with the same topic will collaborate to create a script and video that highlights your research findings. Plan out your video script using this script organizerNote: Only one member of your group will need to make a copy of this. They will share their copy with all group members.

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