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English: To Kill a Mockingbird Research: 1: Jim Crow Laws

1: Task

Jim Crow Laws: Their History, Guiding Policies, and Impact on Black‚Äč

Directions: Use this note sheet to record your research findings on the following questions:

  • Explain what Jim Crow Laws were and how, where, and why they originated.

    • Who was Jim Crow?

    • What were the original laws and policies?

  • What impact did Jim Crow laws have on blacks and what rights did they violate?

  • How did whites and states defend Jim Crow laws?


After researching and taking detailed notes independently, you and your classmates with the same topic will collaborate to create a script and video that highlights your research findings. Plan out your video script using this script organizerNote: Only one member of your group will need to make a copy of this. They will share their copy with all group members.

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