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English: To Kill a Mockingbird Research: 3: Lynching and Lynch Mobs

3: Task

Lynching and Lynch Mobs: Citizen Enforcement of Jim Crow Laws and Nooses: Modern Day Symbolic Threats (the Jena Six) and Sundown Towns

Directions: Use this note sheet to record your research findings on the following questions:

  • Give a brief history of lynchings in America and the origins of the lynch mob. What influence did they have on local governments and people in power?

  • How did lynchings come to represent white hatred of blacks? Why were so many white people supportive of them? At their peak, how frequent were lynchings of black people by white lynch mobs in America? Where in the country were they most prominent? What were sundown towns? How were they connected to lynchings?

  • Explain the recent re-emergence of the symbols of lynching (the Jena Six and others). What effect has it had on racial tensions in America?


After researching and taking detailed notes independently, you and your classmates with the same topic will collaborate to create a script and video that highlights your research findings. Plan out your video script using this script organizer. Note: Only one member of your group will need to make a copy of this. They will share their copy with all group members.

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