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TKAM PROJECT: Discover the Meaning and Trace Connections: I AM Poem & Playlist

A guide to resources for Ms. Autz's ENG9 course.

Your Assignment

Create an I AM poem and playlist about one of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird.

The playlist will link the character to today’s society through music. Choose a minimum of 5 songs. Explain the scene in which the character listens, sings, or dances to each of the songs. Be sure to explain the connection fully.


Use this Creating a Character Playlist Guide to help you plan your playlist.

Here is a sample I AM poem to help guide you, as well.


Task Checklist - use this list to stay on track, check in with your teacher, and remember what to do.

List of Groups - check this list to see who is in each group and what they are doing.

Song & Lyric Resources



iTunes Radio


YouTube‚Äč -  You will need to notify your teacher when you have selected a video you wish to use so that it can be "FCPS approved" for viewing in in-school for presentations. Click HERE to get your video approved by a teacher.