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TKAM PROJECT: Discover the Meaning and Trace Connections: Emmett Till

A guide to resources for Ms. Autz's ENG9 course.

Your Assignment

Research Emmett Till. Share how his life and death provide significant connections to TKAM.

Task Checklist - use this list to stay on track, check in with your teacher, and remember what to do.

List of Groups - check this list to see who is in each group and what they are doing.

NoodleTools Tips for Citing Print and Digital Books

How to import a book citation using an ISBN - If you are citing a book or other non-periodical source (e.g., magazine, newspaper, journal, etc.) in NoodleTools, use WorldCat (a global catalog of library collections) to import the source information directly into your NoodleTools form. NOTE: this may not work for all books and be sure you have the title with the proper copyright dates, as books get re-published over the years and come in a variety of formats.

How to cite a book from scratch - a (3:48) video screencast by OHS Library Media Specialist Mrs. Owen, if you are unable to cite it in NoodleTools with the aforementioned Worldcat instructions. NOTE: this video was created before the July 2021 NoodleTools updates, but the information is still relevant. 

OHS Library Print Books

OHS Database Resources

Gale Biography in Context - Emmett Till biography (password for at-home use: bears)

Gale eBooksTill, Emmett 1941–1955 (password for at-home use: bears)