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Test Preparation Materials

A guide to the test preparation materials available in the OHS Library, Frederick County Public Libraries, and online.


This guide contains resources for students who are looking to prepare for any of the standardized tests listed at left. The guide contains physical resources on location at the Oakdale High School Library (as well as other FCPS high school libraries) and Frederick County Public Libraries. You'll also find links to electronic resources for up-to-date information on testing procedures. 

For more information on these test preparation resources visit the Oakdale High School Library help desk. 

Test Prep Collection

Note: The only "official" test preparation materials are those produced by the testing company.

These resources represent a small sample of the many books and online test preparation resources available through the Oakdale High School Library, Frederick County Public Libraries, and online. To find other test preparation materials at the OHS Library, a good strategy is to search for the name of the test you are interested in along with a term like "study guides" or "examinations" in the library catalog. For example, a keyword search for "SAT and study guides" will find many useful materials.

Sample subject headings for test preparation materials in the library catalog include, "Colleges and Universities United States entrance Examinations" or "Advanced placement programs (Education) Study guides." Once you've found one good book for your needs, try clicking on the subject headings to find more resources on a particular topic.