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From Past to Present...ation: Latin 2 Research Project


Over the course of fourth term, you will be working on a research project: 

  • You can choose any topic as long as it is related to Latin, the Romans, or the classical world as a whole.
  • This might be a person, a historical event, a cultural tradition, or something else.
  • If you’re not sure where to start, check out the list of topic ideas below.

For a broad topic, like Roman Religion, you’ll have to give a good overview of a large and complex system, while for a more specific topic, like Venus, you’d have to much more detailed presentation.

Research the topic using the provided databases on this research guide. You may also do web research, but only after you have exhausted the database resources through both the CHS library and Frederick County Public Libraries. 

You will also need to access images for your project. Use either the recommended databases or use a Google Filtered Image Search. 

Your research will culminate in a 7-10 minute presentation, aided by a powerpoint or Google Slides presentation.

  • Your accompanying presentation should contain primarily pictures and bullet points (no large paragraphs please!).
  • Your presentation must also contain citations - use NoodleTools to keep track of all of your sources.
  • You must draw from at least five different written sources for your research.


Research Topic Recommendations

The Roman Republic

The End of the Roman Republic

The Rise of Christianity within the Roman Empire


Julius Caesar

Livia Drusilla


Roman Sexuality

Roman Family

The Twelve Tablets


The Fall of the Roman Empire


The Roman Legion

Roman Historiography

Scipio Africanus

The Gracchi Brothers

Roman Cultural Customs

Roman Education


Roman Britain

Roman Military Technology

Roman Architecture

Vulgar Latin

Marius and Sulla


Julia the Elder

Marcus Antonius

Agrippina the Elder

Roman Mythology

Roman Cults

Roman Slavery


Roman entertainment



Roman Women

Roman Men

Roman Children

Roman Engineering

Roman Law

Roman Political System


The Kings of Rome

The Founding of Rome

The Late Roman Empire

The Gallic War

The Civil War


Roman Baths