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Digital Books: Axis 360 - FCPS

Axis 360 - FCPS

Axis 360 is the platform that FCPS students can access to check out eBooks and Audiobooks. 

Things to Know about Axis 360

1. You can access Axis 360 on your school's media page (for CHS -

2. The Axis 360 library is called the wall. 

3. Students can access the different libraries down. This means that high school students can sign in to the middle or elementary school libraries, and middle school students can access their own library and the elemetary school library, but elementary students can only access their Axis 360 elementary library. 

4. As soon as you check out a book on the website, it is added to your My Stuff on the app. 

5. When logging in to the app, it is easier to put USA and MD in for country and state and then search the available libraries rather than search using the bar at the top.