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The History of Techology

Background: The evolution of civilization has been directly affected by the development of tools and materials which has in turn created innovation.  Are we really smarter today than years ago?

Task: You will be assigned one of the historical periods listed below to research:  

  • Paleolithic Age
  • Mesolithic Age
  • Neolithic Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance/Reformation/Enlightenment
  • Industrial Age
  • Information Age

**Use School Databases and web research to find reference material.**


  • Use the outline provided to frame your research.
  • Document all sources in NoodleTools using MLA citations. 

Final Product: Create a presention for your historical time period's technology to be presented to the class. Use a multimedia tool found on the Student Multimedia Page to create your presentation. You will be presenting this to the class.