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Health Benchmark - Drug Laws: Day 1: Research


Step #1

In partners, decide on which of the following you wish to examine: 

  • Maryland Vaping Laws
  • Maryland Marijuana Laws

Step #2

When Evaluating Web Sources

Remember to keep the CRAAP test in mind!

C- Currency: When was this webpage/article published? 

R- Relevance: Is this website giving you information that will help you with your project 

A-Authority: Who wrote and/or published this information - is he/she a credible expert? 

A-Accuracy: Are you finding that your information matches other inofmration you have found? 

P-Purpose: What is the purpose of this website? Is it to provide trustworthy information OR is this website showing bias or and/or showing a desire to make money? 

Step #3

Determine whether or not you would change the law: 

  • If you would change the law, how would you rewrite it?
    • Consider, also, how you would regulate the law (taxes, age, amount, etc.) - explain each one. 
  • If you would NOT change the law, consider whether you would change any of the current regulations.
    • Why or why not? 
    • Identify current regulations and give details to support why or why not in regards to changing these regulations. 

Note your answers to these questions on your research chart (see Step #1 above).