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This LibGuide will assist Ms. Isacco's English 9 Honors class with the resources needed to complete the debate outline and annotated bibliography.

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Your Assignment

Debate Project Guidelines - This is your guide to what goes into the project. Follow it closely to ensure you include all requirements in your outline and annotated bibliography. Please use NoodleTools to properly cite all images, database articles, websites, etc. in MLA style. Essentially, anything that is not your own words, thoughts or work must be cited, even the words you paraphrase from someone else's work.

Summary of Requirements: 

  • Outline with Citations - see comment below image
  • Works Cited Page 
  • Use of multiple sources (only 1 internet!)
  • Cooperation with group – 2/side
  • Individual work – 1 for argument development, 1 for rebuttal



How to write your outline: 

Claim: 1 sentence of the side you are arguing

1. reason 1

(tab)a. explanation of this reason

(tab)b. use of TE to develop reason

(tab)c. how TE helps to develop reason

2. reason 2 (repeat above)

3. counterclaim - what does the other side say

(tab)a. explanation

(tab)b. use of TE EITHER to rebut or support the counterclaim

(tab)c. rebuttal - refute the counterclaim


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