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Nobel Prize Heroes: Research Databases

English 10 Hero Unit Final Project

Databases to Use for Research

**See your school's media specialist for school-specific passwords. **

Noodletools Notecards

The Stages of the Hero's Journey

The expectation is that you are

1. Using the Noodletools Notecards to keep track of the information you find in your research. 

2. Finding information about your Nobel Prize recipient that corresponds with the elements of the Hero's Journey (see below). Make sure to refer to the notes you took with Ms. Carr. 

Elements of the Hero’s Journey

The Ordinary World

Approach to the Inmost Cave

Unusual birth/early childhood

The Abyss or Temptation

The Call of Adventure

The Ordeal

Refusal of the Call

The Transformation

Meeting the Mentor

Reward (Seizing the Sword)

Crossing the First Threshold

The Road Back

Tests, Allies, Enemies



Return with the Elixir

Special Weapon

Mastery of Two Worlds