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How To Guide: NoodleTools Citing & Research: Create Parenthetical (in-text) References

This guide is chock full of tutorials that will show you how to create an account, work with projects, create citations, and do other research tasks in NoodleTools

How to Create Parenthetical (in-text) References


The In-text reference next to each reference opens a popup help screen that shows how to create the correct parenthetical reference for that specific entry.

In-text citation

On the Options menu select In-text reference. Depending on the source, this help screen may prompt for a page or volume number in order to customize the example so that you can copy and paste it directly into your paper.

APA  Parenthetical Reference

Scroll down below the example to read detailed instructions to guide you through special cases and other modifications to the parenthetical reference that might be necessary depending on the rest of your sentence and the other entries in your source list.

Footnotes (Chicago)

If you are working in a Chicago-style project, the Footnote format next to each reference you create opens a help screen that shows how to compose both the full and shortened versions of a footnote for your source. Just as with the parenthetical reference examples for MLA and APA, you can customized the footnote with a page number or other details, then copy and paste it directly into your paper.

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