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Road to the Revolution!

Project Description

Round 1:

Jigsaw Research in Groups:

  • Each group takes one of the rebellions listed below (see separate box). 
  • Within the group, subdivide the rebellion so that each group member is researching either social, political, or economic causes AND effects of the rebellion. 
  • Each group should make and share with each other a chart similar to this one: Road to Rebellion Group Research Chart

Round 2


  • Each group creates a Google Slides presentation with researched information. 
  • FlipGrid (see "Presentation" tab in this guide): Group Leader Flipgrid post with rebuttal videos by those rebelling!

Round 3

Complex Thesis

  • Create and submit a complex thesis based on research of assigned rebellion. Turn in independently. 

Rebellions to Research

Bacon's Rebellion

Coode's Rebellion (Protestant Revolution of 1689) - search terms to use: John Coode, Protestant Revolution, Maryland, Catholics, Proprietary Governments

Leisler's Rebellion

The Pueblo Revolt (Pope's/Popey's Rebellion) 

Salem Witch Trials

The Stono Rebellion (Cato's Conspiracy or Cato's Rebellion) 

(if prompted, "cougars" is password for above article links)

**If you use any of the articles linked above as part of your research, make sure to include the citation to the article (upper-right corner of article page - "Cite" option) in your NoodleTools project list of citations