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Prohibition Era: Presentation

Presentation Overview

Once you have compiled and organized your research, you will present your findings to the class. 

Presentation Guidelines: 

  • The presentation needs to be a propaganda presentation from the perspective of your researched person.
    • So, for example, if your assigned historical figure was in favor of Prohibition, you will need to speak on the virtues of Prohibition and the evils of drink. 
    • However, if your assigned historical figure was opposed to Prohibition, you will need to convince your listeners that Prohibition is not in the best interest of the US and why. 
  • Within your presentation, you will need to identify, define, and provide background research on your term. So, be creative with how you choose to incorporate your research into your propaganda!
  • The presentation will be accompanied by two visuals. See below. 

Visual #1

A basic visual (poster, Google Slides, infographic, etc.): 

  • It should primarily be images.
  • It should not serve as a crutch for your presentation (do not cover it with words to read from)
  • The images you use should be ones you can refer to as you present. 
  • NOTE: Images are expected to come from a Google Filtered Image search and/or Britannica Imagequest (database). They must also be cited in Noodletools.

How to Search and Cite from Britannica Imagequest

Visual #2

The second visual is a definition of your researched term (not the person) to go up on the Prohibition word wall. This does not need to be an exhaustive, all-encompassing poster, but, instead, it should be pleasing to look at and should include both the term and a comprehensive definition of the term. 

How to Search for Image in Google