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Prohibition Era: Database Research

Research Chart

Research Assignment

Objectives: By the end of this activity, students will research two terms about the Prohibition era - one key figure of the Prohibition and  one term/event/place/etc. Research the two topics through the following library databases: 

Biography and US History-in-Context Databases Citations

Research Thoughts:

Some notes about database research: 

  • You can save articles directly to your Google Drive from History Reference Center, US History-in-Context, and Biography-in-Context
  • You can highlight and take notes directly on articles in the two in-Context databases. Your highlights/notes will transfer to your copies in Google Drive. 
  • Britannica and SIRs Discoverer are good databases to find very general information, but will not go too in-depth. 
  • You will be permitted to do web research on the second day, but we ask that you first steer clear of the websites and use these databases to begin. 
  • Do not forget to cite as you go. There is nothing more annoying that going back through databases to find articles you have already used but forgot to cite!

SIRs Citations

Britannica - Citations