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English: A Thousand Splendid Suns Research: 4: Customs and Etiquette

In preparation for reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, groups will research a variety of topics.

Group 4: WebQuest Task

You are a member of the Afghan Culture and Customs Committee. Your task is to prepare a report on Afghan’s customs and etiquette to visiting foreigners. What do you think they need to know about the Afghan people in order to understand them and their way of life? Prepare travel tips for business and vacation travelers to Afghanistan.

Criteria: Your visual should include

  • What do Americans most need to know about the customs and culture of Afghanistan?  Create two statements that answer that question. These statements should be ideas and not details.
  • List three examples to support each statement. This information will be from research or news articles.
  • Based on your research, create a “What to Do” and “What Not To Do” for travelers to Afghanistan.
  • Images from your research that increase the viewers’ understanding of your topic.

Note:  Your fundamental task is to educate your classmates on Afghanistan’s customs and etiquette as if our class were taking a trip to Afghanistan.  Consider what you would want to know before you visit when completing this work.

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