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Night Final Project: Narrative Story-Telling: Refugee Books (print & digital)

This LibGuide will provide Mrs. Isacco's English 9 students with the resources needed to complete the research and presentation for the Night narrative story-telling assignment.

NoodleTools Tips for Citing Print and Digital Books

How to import a book citation using an ISBN - If you are citing a book or other non-periodical source (e.g., magazine, newspaper, journal, etc.) in NoodleTools, use WorldCat (a global catalog of library collections) to import the source information directly into your NoodleTools form. NOTE: this may not work for all books and be sure you have the title with the proper copyright dates, as books get re-published over the years and come in a variety of formats. Watch video (2:55) for further help.

How to cite a book from scratch - a (3:48) video screencast by OHS Library Media Specialist Mrs. Owen, if you are unable to cite it in NoodleTools with the aforementioned Worldcat instructions. NOTE: this video was created before the July 2021 NoodleTools updates, but the information is still relevant. 

Print & Digital Books in OHS Library Catalog

The  OHS library catalog is the place to start to identify dictator or country books (print or digital) held in the Library's collections. Be sure to use the search filters in the left-hand sidebar; this will allow you to limit your search by format, collection, and subject.

The list of print titles, below, is not an exhaustive list. To find more print books, search the library catalog in the link above.

Hint If you find a book that matches your research interest, be sure to look at the subject headings.  These subject headings may lead you to other useful materials.  

Subject Headings in the Oakdale High School Library Catalog include:

Gale eBooks (multi-user access) @ OHS Library

All Gale eBooks are multi-user access books, meaning many students can look at the book simultaneously without checking it out from the library. 

The list, below, is not an exhaustive list of Gale eBooks about refugees, forced migration, emigration, immigration, and illegal aliens. To find other titles use the search box below or use this curated list of refugee eBooks.

For remote access, use the Password: bears (you must be logged in to your FCPS account to access)Here's how to export Gale eBook citations to your NoodleTools project.

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Frederick County Public Library Catalog


Find more books about refugees, forced migration, emigration, immigration, and illegal aliens or a specific country or point in history at the Frederick County Public Libraries (FCPL). To check out books from any Frederick County Public Library (FCPL) branch, please use your FCPL Student Success Card number (every FCPS student has one!). Please ask your Library Media Specialist if you need assistance with using this "card".